Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Yames Projects Roadmap

    This blog will serve as a place for me to dump a bunch of text about game development progress and also hopefully keep up a consistent source of information flowing about what I am doing at what time. I have been occasionally doing this on Patreon, but I also wanted a public-facing place for people who are not patrons. Whenever I post here I will post elsewhere to relevant channels where people have an interest in what is going on (Patreon/Discord/if it’s a big update, perhaps twitter) so don’t worry about having to come back here to check. With that being written, onto the roadmap.

    I want to thank everyone for being patient with me and my lack of clarity on stuff like this so far, I am still sort of figuring out how to communicate something that is pretty clear in my head to other people across multiple channels (twitter/youtube/patreon/discord/ It is probably to know I am working on something and then see some image or .gif from something else and go “WHOA I didn’t know about this, what the hell is it”. So to clear up some of these questions I made a little visual presentation and wrote a brief elaboration on it.

 !!NOTE!!: This roadmap is not marked with dates because a lot of this is too far out to really imagine when I might be done with this or that project and be onto the next one.

1. Family Vacation. My first priority is to finish this ASAP and get it out to Patrons. Later on, it will be a part of a game anthology that is for now named “I’m Some Games”.

2. Discover Our Bodies demo. I had made good progress on this but was thrown off a bunch by the pandemic. I lost a job and had to move from the city I was living in. This gave me time to reflect about what I really wanted Discover Our Bodies to be and made me reconsider a lot of the design decisions I had made for it. In any case, when I am done with Family Vacation, I am putting my full attention into making and releasing this demo.

3. I will use the demo as a starting point to launch into development of what will become the full Discover Our Bodies. I will split my time working on that and the next game in the anthology, which will again be available for Patrons before it is a part of the anthology release.

4. Further work on Discover Our Bodies. The third (and possibly fourth) game in the anthology are up in the air at this point. I have a couple of ideas and prototypes that I could work from (I will go further into detail with some of these prototypes in a more in-depth post for Patrons).

5. After the games for the anthology are done and wrapped up in a nice package, I will continue working on Discover Our Bodies until it is finished.

6. If by this point Discover Our bodies is finished, I will restart work on Velum Children.

7. Discover Our Bodies is complete. I am working with full focus on Velum Children.

The Future: ???

I hope this has been helpful. Patrons, I will see you in the next post about prototype/project details and other stuff. Thank you everyone for all your interest and support, and a special thank you to my Discord mods who have been really fantastic.


Yames Projects Roadmap

     This blog will serve as a place for me to dump a bunch of text about game development progress and also hopefully keep up a consi...